Study: Toronto Leads as #1 in Canada for Tech Talent

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

A recent study released by CBRE Research has found Toronto to be Canada’s top hub for tech talent, followed closely by Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal.

Verticals considered in the study included four tech industry indicators for success, including: Employment, Education, Tech industry Outlook and Real Estate Market Outlook. Some of the study’s key findings are included below.

Tech Talent Scorecard Rankings by Canadian City 

Source: CBRE Research

“Demand for tech talent across all industries is growing and it has been easy for large cities like Toronto and Vancouver to fulfill this need due to their tech talent concentration stemming from their economy’s size and strength… Waterloo, one of the smaller markets studied in terms of overall population, had the fastest growing pool of tech talent, with those employed in technology occupations growing 74% from 2010-2015.”  CBRE Study, 2017

Tech Talent Pool Growth by Canadian City



(See above) Interestingly, while Toronto has the lead in terms of its tech talent pool at 179,200 workers, London is #1 in terms of talent growth momentum at 94%.

Four Key Occupations in Canadian Tech

In Canada’s tech sector, four top occupations stand out as vastly more popular than the rest: Computer Systems/Support, Software Developers, Tech Engineers and Tech Management (see below). 

Source: CBRE Research

If You’re in Tech, Consider a Move to Canada

There’s never been a better time for tech professionals to join the booming Canadian tech market. If you’re in Software Development, Engineering or Tech Management, you should seriously consider whether Canada could help advance your career.

Countless tech startups and Fortune 500 companies are relocating to Canada in order to take advantage of a booming employment market and the weak Canadian dollar. Consider whether this strategic move could also benefit your career or business.

Looking to recruit or for a career change? Do not hesitate to reach out to us either on, in person at our head office, or by phone (+1 416 599 1825). One of our recruiting experts would be happy to begin planning your recruitment campaign for you.


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