CNN: Of 100 Best Jobs in America, Mobile App Developer is #1

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

CNN and Payscale recently collaborated on a list of the Top 100 Jobs in America, and taking the #1 spot for 2017 is Mobile App Developer. Following a year of so many mobile device breakthroughs, this comes as no surprise.

We’ve listed the Top 10 below, along with each role’s median salary and 10-year growth trajectory. We’ve also provided job descriptions for some of the less commonly known titles as well. To see the full list of Top 100 jobs, click here.

Important Note: While this list pertains to the United States, the Canadian market is similarly comparable as both are close trading partners, resulting in similar fluxes in industry and employment demands.


Job Title

Median Pay & 10-Year Job Growth %


Mobile App Developer

$97,100 with 19% growth


Risk Management Director

$131,000 with 7% growth



$93,600 with 7% growth


Project Analyst*

$74,900 with 19% growth


Info Assurance Analyst*

$98,900 with 18% growth


QA Coordinator (RN)*

$69,000 with 16% growth


Clinical Apps Specialist*

$77,000 with 21% growth


Hospital Administrator

$120,000 with 17% growth


Database Analyst

$70,100 with 11% growth


Director, Finance and Administration

$97,300 with 7% growth

Job Title Dictionary (via CNN)

Jance Floyd, Project Land Manager and Lawyer for Purple Land Management. Image: CNN

Landmen research the titles of properties and negotiate deals with landowners. When oil prices drop, they also spend time working on acquisition, helping energy organizations sell and purchase properties and rights from one another.

Info Assurance Analysts protect the security of an organization’s hardware and software systems.

Julie Halloran, Quality Assurance Coordinator, RN, MSN at Nazareth Hospital. Image: CNN

QA Coordinators (RN) review a healthcare organization’s nursing practices and implement changes to improve safety and quality. They are also Registered Nurses (RNs), thus they are able to train other nurses on-site about best practices.

Clinical Apps Specialists train doctors and medical staff on how to use new devices and incorporate them into the workplace. They are also involved in on-site training and providing feedback on how those devices are performing.

Source: CNN

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