Guest Blog: “How to Stay on Top of Your Game – Stay Organized!”

Our guest blogger, Jayson Ma,  is a Business Development Specialist with TAL Group.

Jayson is a highly accomplished sales executive and tactical thinker, with experience in due diligence and developing sales partnerships.

The article below was originally published on Jayson Ma’s LinkedIn Pulse Account, and can be found here. 

How to Stay on Top of Your Game – Stay Organized!

In a sales environment – especially in IT Recruitment – it is very easy to get overwhelmed by a heavy workload. While this can affect you in multiple ways, one of the most common is losing organization of affairs and lost productivity. Similar to a rolling snowball, disorganization results in lost focus, distracted attention span, and gradual demotivation not only of yourself but also your team.

Based on my years in the industry, I’ve put together some key productivity tips I think will help you maintain focus & achieve maximum productivity while at work. I hope they help you in achieving your goals and let’s connect on LinkedIn if you wish to discuss this further or have any roles you need filling in the IT & Mobile space.

Tip 1: Physical Clutter

Deal with papers quickly. Upon reviewing a hard copy document, don’t just leave it lying around your desk. This could easily result in it being lost or forgotten – after all,what’s out of sight is out of mind. Instead, file it away or throw it in the garbage. If you don’t have space or dislike filing cabinets, I suggest scanning or converting it into a digital file.

At End of Day, make it a priority to clear your desk and neatly place all papers to the side or in relevant folders. Doing this ensures that your desk is fresh and clear for the next work day, and helps your head remain clear with key priorities easily accessible.

Tip 2: Digital Clutter

When saving files, maintain clearly labelled folders and sub folders. Keep relative assignments together, so your projects aren’t scattered about your desktop (ie. Your Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc.) Organizing them this way ensures they are easy to access and find upon short notice. Make it easy on yourself to be productive and work efficiently.

Create an effective filing and file-naming system. With so many companies using cloud-based collaboration tools and working with multiple versions of the same document, it pays to come up with a team-wide system for naming, storing and accessing those digital files.

Tip 3: Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are so many apps out there that can keep you organized. Use them. Set up your daily tasks and turn on those notifications so that you are always organized and update to with your daily work schedule.

Closing Thoughts:

Keeping clean and tidy should be a force of habit. This doesn’t mean you should obsess over it, but maintaining this behavioral pattern will help considerably boost your performance.

Having a messy lifestyle can bring the top sales person down and he/she wouldn’t even know why. In today’s fast-paced, tech-fueled market, the pace is fast and only getting quicker. Make the task of staying up to speed easier by optimally positioning yourself to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity and performance success.

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