Jobseekers: Here’s 5 Signs You Need a New Job

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

Enduring the current market without a job is no easy task, so it makes sense if you are maintaining a role you dislike purely to survive. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay in it.

There are always other options, ways out and opportunities to do something else. Whether it requires browsing a recruiting agency’s job board or taking on a job search yourself, don’t get stuck in a rut. Here are 5 signs that you should quit your job and move on to something else.

1. Each morning you hit the snooze button and dread going in.


If you find that your stomach drops at the notion of going into the office, it likely isn’t a good fit for you. It may be that the culture isn’t gelling with you, or the actual work itself. Either way, don’t subject yourself to such misery each day.

2. Your boss is terrible and it’s affecting your productivity.


While you won’t always love every person you work with, some personalities just clash. If you find yourself silently hating – truly hating – your boss, start looking elsewhere. Find a working environment and manager who is more suited to your personality.

3. The learning has stopped.

giphy (4).gif

If you are living in a zombie-like state where minutes are turning into days, the days into months, and the months into years, you likely have stopped learning. Don’t go through your life in a repetitive, never-evolving cycle. You have a brain – go to somewhere else that uses it!

4. There’s no way to advance or get a promotion.


Perhaps you’ve hit a dead-end. Either your company is very small without many roles, or management simply won’t allow you to move upward. Either way, you should be in a working space that encourages personal development otherwise your talents are being wasted.

5. You are depressed, even after work.


If you find that your anger/depression from work is affecting your life once you’ve gone home, you’ve got a problem. Having these emotions trickle into your personal life can result in long-term damage to a number of things, including your personal relationships, physical and mental health. Get out before the damage done is irreparable.

Sources: Career Builder, Business Insider

If you would like to discuss next steps in your career path, don’t hesitate to reach out. One of our recruitment experts would be happy to review your resume and discuss options, your expectations and professional goals.  Call us at (416) 599 1825 or e-mail us here


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