Guest Blog: 5 Top Traits of Rockstar Business Development Specialists

Our guest blogger, Jayson Ma,  is a Business Development Specialist with TAL Group.

Jayson is a highly accomplished sales executive and tactical thinker, with experience in due diligence and developing sales partnerships.

The article below was originally published on Jayson Ma’s LinkedIn Pulse Account, and can be found here

5 Top Traits of Rockstar Business Development Specialists 

I’ve spent multiple years in business development/inside sales, primarily with technology recruitment organizations. During that time, I’ve played each of the key roles in a sales team and I’ve loved every step of the journey. And make no mistake, I’m just beginning.

In sales, the goal is to become elite – to not only hit targets, but push past them. While the journey to the top isn’t an easy one, I believe it is well worth it. I’ve summarized below what I believe to be the top five key skills that all successful sales reps share in common.

Here’s to hoping this article will bring your game to a new level – from being a potentially average business development specialist to a Rockstar one.

1.    Communications Skills (Listening, Verbal, Written)

One of life’s crucial key skills (not only as an account manager) is being able to communicate. Your ability to establish lasting rapport will rise or fall based on your ability to clearly project your key objectives, thoughts and goals.

Keep in mind that communication is not limited to spoken diction alone – your physical and body language can also convey volumes.

For example, let us consider a client meeting. In many ways, it is like going on a first date. What you wear, how you speak and your body language all make a strong first impression on your contact. For that reason, I recommend doing research prior to the meeting and mirroring (as best as possible) what you believe to be that contact’s overall vibe.

For example, if you are meeting with a formal organization dress formally. If you are meeting with a casual one, perhaps pass on the fancy suit jacket and go with a dress shirt and jeans instead. Feel it out, but always adequately prepare beforehand.

Just like a date, the last thing you want is for the meeting to go sour due to your lines of communication crossing poorly, or a miscommunication on your end.

2.   Analytical & Research Skills

This is a very important skill to have as well. As a business Developer/Account Manager you will be researching and analysing new clients every single day. The day you stop doing this part is the day you will probably find a new career move.

I recommend social media as an excellent introductory avenue for research. Look up your client, Google them on Glassdoor and read about their culture. You would be surprised at what you can find on sources like Twitter and Facebook, including leads, social events and potential new connections. Join the 21st century and be part of the conversation. You know the new millennial expression – if you aren’t on the internet, you don’t exist.

3. Computer & Technical Literacy

I’ll keep this part brief. We live in 2016 – if you do not know how to use a computer by now and how to use certain software, it’s going to be challenging for you to do your job efficiently and not run into so much stress.

As a Millennial myself, I strongly recommend that you start refining your abilities in this area. Take it step by step – why not purchase a small affordable tablet or PC? Many organizations, such as Apple and Microsoft, offer in-store personal assistance andtraining courses. You are never too old to learn a new skill.

4. Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple Priorities

…or in other words… MULTI-TASKING!

The IT world is changing every single day. And so should you. In order to stay on top of your game, you need to keep up to date with new technology and the industry.  You made a career move where you must be flexible, adaptable and be able to handle many challenges at once while still keeping your cool. By staying ahead of the game you make yourself stand out and be that diamond in the rough. And when that day comes – you will see your success sooner than later.

5. Interpersonal Abilities

To quote Alfred Montapert, “All lasting business is built on friendship

Maintaining strong relationships with your clients is very important (I would say it should be in your Top 2 priority list). With your clients, make sure that you’re not just there for the money or to be a one-time hit wonder. You want to build a lasting relationship, and be proactive when predicting and reacting to their needs.

If you maintain this attitude, you will find clients returning to you time and time again.

I’ll leave you with a lasting three pieces of advice:

Be professional. Be attentive. Be human. 

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