Look Out Uber, Google’s Carpool Service Is Coming

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.


Watch out, Uber.

According to Engadget, Google is planning to launch its own ride-sharing, carpool ride service this fall powered by Waze and its navigation app. The program will roll out exclusively in the Bay Area, and be made only available to select employers that have signed up for the service.

To use the service, drivers will use the same Google app and potential passengers will use the Waze Rider app. According to WSJ, participating drivers are set to make $.54/mile and Google is hoping the program will provide a structure that makes giving rides to strangers a bit more formal.

Unlike Uber, which functions like an on-demand hailing platform, Google’s service will be comparable to a carpool program. The tool will allow you to receive a ride from other professionals travelling on your same commute route.

Who knows? Maybe Google’s new carpooling system will entirely revolutionize carpooling as we know it.

Source: Engadget




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