5 Embarrassing Workplace Blunders & How To Recover

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

When you work with people five days a week, 10 hours a day (on average), day in and day out, you are bound to make at least one blunder eventually. While there is no shame in it, you should know how to recover as eloquently as possible.

Business Insider originally published these 5 common workplace blunders, which are listed below. We hope that these tips help you recover quickly from any future embarrassing moments, and ideally, help you prevent them altogether.


1. You attach the wrong image or file to your message  – and it’s NSFW.

When you are rushing to finish work ASAP, it is normal to make smaller blunders especially when composing emails. If you’ve never attached the wrong file before, you are in an exclusive club.

How to Recover: First, breathe. You are human and it is normal to make mistakes. If the message has sent, confess the situation to your boss and be upfront about it. Generally, she or he will forgive you and tell you to be more careful in future. (Or, to quote Business Insider: they might fire you, but, that’s what happens.)


2. You sent a rude message to the wrong person – in fact, the person you were tearing apart.

Well, this is straight up awkward.

How to Recover: Don’t make excuses, apologize immediately. Discuss it in person (not email) and admit that you were childish. After all, you shouldn’t be writing nasty things or gossiping about your coworkers at all. To quote Game of Thrones – Shame. Shame. Shame.


3. You posted an inappropriate picture on social media.

Whatever your ‘eclectic’ preferences may be, not all of them belong on social media. If you happen to post crude content on your account (ie. a suggestive picture, crude political or racist comment, or drunk selfie), it’s possible to recover but tricky.

How to Recover: First off, take it down. Second, prepare for the fallout and how you’ll explain your behavior. Do you need counselling? Do you need to book a meeting with HR? Either way, be ready to apologize and accept whatever consequences follow.

giphy (4).gif

4. You drunk text/email the people you work with.

So maybe you are having a good ol’ time at the bar and feel it’s your Jerry Maguire moment to send a “Mission Statement” to the entire team. Alas, when you wake up the next day and review your email, you realize those deep thoughts didn’t translate so well.

How to Recover: You could play it by ear. Depending on the culture of your company, your drunken text/email may have been laughed off. Then again, if your organization is more traditional, you might be in a whole heap of trouble. Either way, prepare for how you’ll explain your drunk memo.


5. You click “Reply All” when you really shouldn’t.

Ah, yes – we are all guilty of committing this workplace sin at least once. Of course, the fallout can vary greatly depending on what you decided to send out to everyone. If it’s a confidential document, you may be in deeper water than if it’s a silly meme.

How to Recover: Apologize and LEARN TO USE YOUR EMAIL OK? Geeze.

Source: Business Insider

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