Behold, the World’s First Smart Ring with Payment Technology

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

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Yes, it’s true. All your credit card-jewelry needs have been answered. Someone has invented the world’s first smart ring with payment technology.

Originally only available to the athletes at the Olympics at Rio, now you can order your very own NFC Ring for $53 (or £40). Not only is the device available in multiple sizes, it is promising a December ship date. Once set up, it doesn’t need your mobile device nearby to operate and is able to make payments all by itself.



The NFC ring is able to perform the following functions, free of your device being nearby or directly connected:

  • Make Visa payments at participating retailers 
  • Unlocking your smartphone or tablet
  • Lock and unlock your door lock
  • Sharing and transferring information 

Material Build

At this time, the NFC ring is available in two formats (basic or advanced ceramic) and in six unique designs. Prices range from $25 to 59.99 USD. You know, just in case you needed an easier way to spend your money than pulling out your wallet.

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