5 Winning Approaches for Writing Cold Emails

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

In truth, it’s hard to breakthrough to a potential lead with a cold email. It would be much easier to build a relationship through an in-person meeting or over the phone. If neither of these options are available to you, however, you must face the task of making a strong impression the old fashion way: written words.

If you wish to get through your lead’s spam filter, you’ll need to navigate the networking waters carefully. We recommend that cold emails be sent using a three-prong approach that applies relevance, a personal touch and sincerity.

The next time you are about to send a cold email, consider the five approaches below and see if they impact your success rate.

Source: The Grindstone

Make It Personal

Start your email with the subject’s first name, and then follow it with a line that references the  work he/she does. This way, your subject automatically realizes your email it isn’t spam.

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Use an Eye-Catching Subject Line

Keep it short, but consider – why would my recipient want to open this email? What would immediately grab their attention and entice them to know more?

Source: Jobsearch

Congratulate with Sincerity

You must admire something about your subject, otherwise you wouldn’t be reaching out to him or her. Try congratulating your recipient on a recent project completed by their team or company. Note: Do not start your letter with “I” – remember this letter is about your subject, not you.

Source: Shefska

Short but Sweet

The worst kind of sales pitch is the kind that goes forever. Remember that your subject is likely busy, with limited time to devote to emails. He/she shouldn’t have to read an essay to get your point.

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Make Yourself Sound Intriguing

Your subject is probably wondering – why on earth would I want to meet with you? Give them a reason that is clear and concrete.

BONUS TIP: Always thank your lead for their time in reading your message. Politeness is often overlooked in today’s society, and very much appreciated when given.


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