RANKED: Top 10 Fortune 500 Tech Organizations

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

If you are in tech or business, you are most certainly aware of the notorious Fortune 500 list. These are the industry heavy hitters – the ones making waves and consistently redefining their sector’s future trends. As these organizations hire only the industry’s finest talent, many professionals make it their career objective to find a job with an organization on the list.

Indeed recently put together a list of 2016’s top 10 Fortune 500 tech organizations. To identify the finalists, the study took into account over 10 million job reviews placing priority on overall employee experience. 



Company Strengths



Great working environment, each employee receives 6 days a year for volunteering around the globe, upward mobility, generous compensation and benefits



Great place and people, upward mobility for those with talent and passion, challenging work and fantastic benefits and working environment



Fun and fast, self-development infrastructure, employee benefits include product discounts and working environment



Amazing culture and values, professional growth opportunities, challenging work and excellent benefits



Great culture of freedom, no one is micromanaged, benefits are “top-notch”, retirement benefits and sabbatical offered every couple of years, great employee morale and team-building events


Texas Instruments

Talented and inspiring team, great chance for upward mobility, generous benefits and salaries, 401k matching, profit sharing



Fun working environment, team takes pride in the Microsoft brand, high standards but great culture, pay & benefits


Applied Materials

Rewarding work, great healthcare benefits and bonuses (401k matching)


Micron Technology

Challenging and dynamic working environment, continued education opportunities, great benefits



Bonus incentives and better than average benefits, dynamic culture, chance to be a team contributor

It would appear that the big winner from the study is clear…


Source: Business Insider 

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