via Mashable: Facebook Launches Snapchat-style App, Slingshot

Article published by Mashable. Written by Karissa Bell. Reinterpreted by Angela Hydes.



Facebook has had a bit of a rough road with its Snapchat-alike app, Slingshot. After its accidental rollout and subsequent removal from the App Store last week, Slingshot has officially launched. On purpose, this time.

The app is the company’s latest (and most likely, final) effort to create a Snapchat competitor that allows users to send disapperaing video messages and pictures. The company is framing the app as a way to share what you are up to at any given moment in time – a kind of new visual status, of sorts.

According to Mashable’s best, the app feels both polished yet desperate [via Mashable]. Here’s a closer look at how it works.

Finding Your Friends

Slingshot does not only rely on your Facebook friends list for contacts. Similar to Snapchat, accounts are tied to your phone number, which you must verify before you can start using the app. Once you have verified your account, you can search friends from your contact list, Facebook or look up individuals by user name.

Slingshot also allows you to search for people you know, and there isn’t one central contacts menu where you can easily view all your connections. The only time you can see all of your contact is after shooting a photo or a video.

Unlike Snapchat, there is no approval process for adding connections. Anyone can send messages to anyone whose information they have. Facebook says an approval process isn’t necessary because users can simply choose to ignore the message they don’t want to see. You can also elect to ignore all messages from individual users by hiding them.

Slingin’ Selfies

Launching Slingshot immediately takes you to the app’s camera. The selfie button toggles between the device’s front and rear-facing cameras, and holding down the shutter button allows you to record a video. Although Slingshot’s overall camera quality seems to be better than Snapchat’s, the app doesn’t allow you to zoom.

As with Snapchat, you can add drawings and text to the photos and videos you send. But with Slingshot, both features feel far more elegant and give you much more control.


Text is limited to 140 characters, but it can be repositioned on the image. Unlike Snapchat’s text, which always remains the same size, Slingshot’s text will get bigger when you drag it down from the top of the screen.

The drawing tool is far more advanced as well -you can adjust both the color and size of the brush. Dragging along the color bar selects a color, dragging left or right changes the brush size, and moving the tool right makes the brush smaller and moving it left makes it larger.

For the full article in Mashable, click here.


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