Strategic Questions To Ask Your Boss To Grow Your Career

You can learn a lot from your boss. Generally speaking, he or she is further in their career growth than you, and have words of wisdom to share you could benefit from.

Here are some strategic questions Forbes published as “10 Questions You’d Better Ask Your Boss”. Enjoy, and happy job growing!

1. How did your boss get her/his current job?


Did someone get fired? Was he or she hired from the outside? Did he or she get promoted by default?

2. What are your boss’ career aspirations?


What does this person see as his or her next step?

3. What does your boss value in his or her job?

This will show you a lot about your boss, but also about the job as well. Does he or she value money and status? Intellectual gratification? Money?

4. Where does your boss fit in the greater office power structure?


Consider – but do not ask (!) Is he or she on the rise, or on the wane?

5. What kind of a relationship does your boss have with her/his boss? 


How strong or good is the relationship?

6. Does your boss advocate for her/his staff?

0x600 (1)

Does your boss push to get her people promoted? Will he or she protect you, if the going gets tough?

7. What is your boss’ management style?


Is he or she a micromanager or hands-off chief?

8. What does your boss value most in her direct reports?


Creativity? Attention to detail? Efficiency?

9. What matters most to the boss outside of work? 


Is she focused on her family, hobbies, religion, or politics?

10. What was your boss’ previous job?

How much experience does she/he have?

Images: Google

Article: Forbes

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