LinkedIn: The Most InDemand Employers Revealed By Country

This week, LinkedIn released its list of 100 Most InDemand Employers worldwide categorized by country.  The list shows the companies most in demand at a regional level based upon billions of interactions happening between companies and LinkedIn members.

Here is the 2013 Most In Demand Employers by country:




What are the best companies in Canada?

The top companies in Canada are Suncor Energy, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and HP. Many tech companies also dominate the list, implying an interesting trend for Canada’s future economy. Interestingly, Blackberry is listed as the country’s #6 top employer. How long will this last?

Interesting Emerging Patterns from LinkedIn’s List

A couple of very interesting patterns emerged from the Top 100 list that point to what employees value in a company. A top factor appears to be location – members are attracted to locally grown businesses. More than 60% of the ranked companies are headquartered locally. At a regional level, smaller companies also held their own against the bigger players.

Tech and Telecom companies dominated across the regional rankings,  making up 46% of all InDemand Employers. Yet, the U.S. ranking includes more Professional Services companies, Canada has more Oil & Energy, and UK boasts more retail.

Microsoft and Accenture arose as global leaders, being featured on every single global and regional ranking. Here are fun facts published on the LinkedIn report:




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