Are You Ready For That Promotion? Ask Yourself These Questions

While many of us dream of being promoted, we rarely stop to consider the implications of such a drastic change in our career. So many factors are at play, including the needs of the team, the perspectives of your colleagues, and how your company views your potential.

Before you go ahead and either promote someone or get promoted, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself before taking the leap.


1. Are you ready to assume more responsibility?

Before you jump into the abyss and take on more, you should make sure that you are already proficient at what you have been trying to juggle. Have you been an efficient leader of your team? Have you been gradually, and effectively, taking on more leadership roles? Have you made a positive impact on your teammates and improved processes?

Before you take on a bigger leadership role, you should make sure that you are not still following. If you are still in the “following” backseat, you are not yet ready to transition to a more intense leadership role.

2. Have you left your team in good hands?

A true test of a leader is to gauge whether his/her teams and achievements endure even after he or she has left their post. If you wish to be a great leader, you should ensure that you have prepared your team to prosper long after you have transitioned into your larger role. Have you embedded in them the right habits to continue to form a successful team?


3. Do you peers look up to you? Will they be prepared to work for you?

One common mistake many leaders fall prey to is being “the friend”. If you are “the friend”, it is difficult to discipline because you are not afforded the same respect as a superior. That being said, many employees support promotion of the right person – hard work will be rewarded.

Have you inspired an appropriate leadership dynamic with your workplace, that will endure should you be promoted as a superior? One of the greatest compliments you can receive from your peers is their interest in working for you.

4. Have you inspired those around you?

Great leaders and managers have the ability to inspire people around them, so much that they can change the direction of their careers and dreams. Inspiring and transforming future leaders is one of the finest accomplishments a manager can do, and is a key characteristic of a good leader.

Are you making a positive impact on those around you?

5. Will you be able to fill bigger shoes?

If you want to get promoted to the bigger job, you need to start preparing now. Find opportunities in which you can flex your muscles and start “living” the new role. Promotions come only after you have started to try on a new set of shoes to see if they fit. Start coaching, mentoring, and leading now.

For those of you who are on the cusp of a new leadership opportunity, be inspired – be positive – be informed. Don’t be afraid to take on something new, but realize with a big role comes lots of change. Make sure that you are ready for it. 


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